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Kalderos provides services and technology solutions that address some of the biggest challenges of the US healthcare system. We work with healthcare providers, drug manufacturers, payers, and government agencies alike, enabling everyone to focus on the core mission of healthcare -- improving the lives and health of people.



340B Validation Service.

The only party financially harmed due to 340B duplicate discounts are drug manufacturers.  HRSA and CMS continue to struggle to offer real solutions to protect manufacturers from paying duplicate discounts.

340B duplicate discounts are a problem.

Drug manufacturers who participate in the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program are likely paying 1%-4% too much due to 340B duplicate discounts.  This can be tens of millions of dollars for a large manufacturer every year.


The government cannot solve the problem.

The only party financially harmed due to 340B duplicate discounts are drug manufacturers.  HRSA and CMS continue to struggle to offer real solutions to protect manufacturers from paying duplicate discounts.   


We offer the complete solution, guaranteed.

Give us your claims level data - it doesn’t even have to be standardized - and we do the rest.  We identify suspected duplicate discounts and work with the covered entities to confirm if a 340B drug was dispensed, and give you a report that is guaranteed to be accepted as a valid dispute by the state.




Introducing Grappa.

Kalderos' Transactional Data Exchange and Validation Application.



Our industry thought leaders and advanced analytics specialists have distilled decades of real-world experience into the world’s most advanced validation algorithms.  Machine learning ensures our algorithms constantly improve in completeness and accuracy.



Grappa has been designed from the ground up to meet security standards required by law and industry best practices.  128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, intrusion detection, denial-of-service (DDoS) attack prevention, and regular penetration testing are only some the steps taken to keep your information safe.



We believe transparency is key to maintaining the health of the US healthcare system.  That is why we maintain open lines of communication with all stakeholders strive to maintain the transparency of our own actions.  We have met with key federal and state government agencies and industry groups so they know who we are, what we are doing, and how our efforts will benefit everyone.

Experience Grappa.

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Our Team at Kalderos.

We are industry experts, user-centered designers, and data scientists. We apply the power of insight, design and analytics to develop powerful solutions that delight our users and transform the business of healthcare.



Jeremy Docken
Founder & General Manager

Jeremy Docken is the founder and General Manager of Kalderos. His deep expertise in both 340B and Medicaid has given him a unique perspective on the issue of 340B duplicate discounts and how the problem may be solved in a manner that works for all stakeholders. Jeremy can frequently be found speaking at industry conferences or attending meetings with a wide variety of program stakeholders.

Jim Bonkowski
Founder & CIO

Jim is a founder and Chief Information Officer at Kalderos. Jim is an IT professional with extensive experience in developing and executing IT strategies that support overall business growth and productivity initiatives. At Kalderos, Jim works to align business and technical requirements for critical IT initiatives and creates smart and workable solutions to complex problems.

Steve Zielinski RPh
Director, Industry Relations

Steve is a Director of Industry Relations at Kalderos. With a combination of Pharmaceutical experience and industry knowledge, Steve’s focus is on ensuring industry stakeholders understand Kalderos’ strategic marketplace objectives and help to align their needs with Kalderos’ solutions.


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