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Drug Discount Management drives discount program compliance by reducing misaligned incentives and coordinating information flow. Kalderos’ solutions impact the entire healthcare industry, ultimately benefiting patients.

A multifaceted approach

Holistic support through complementary monitoring and preventative controls

We’ve built our bespoke infrastructure to recover noncompliant discounts that have occurred in the past and ensure drug discount compliance at the point of sale. With our proprietary datasets, algorithms, validations and machine learning, our platform is constantly learning and improving in order to provide actionable insights for our customers.

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Discount Monitoring
Monitoring solution

Discount monitoring

Kalderos’ discount monitoring solution allows providers and manufacturers to work together to identify past noncompliant discounts with an industry-leading algorithm trained on the nation’s single largest labeled dataset related to duplicate discounts. This discount identification involves collaborative work with thousands of providers, all 50 states and others to encourage a smooth resolution of noncompliant discounts.

How it works
Kalderos works with state agencies and drug manufacturers to gather claims data through the Verify tool.
Kalderos reviews claims data and, leveraging proprietary datasets, machine learning and algorithms, determines which claims have a high likelihood of being noncompliant.
When necessary, Kalderos works with providers through the Review tool to verify which claims are 340B duplicate discounts.
Kalderos works with manufacturers and state agencies to resolve noncompliant discounts.
Preventative solution

340B Pay

Kalderos’ 340B Pay solution sits at the center of providers, manufacturers and payers, enabling all parties to manage 340B rebates at the point of sale through a central location. Kalderos all but eliminates noncompliant discounts by providing the right discount to the right party on the right transaction℠ from the moment of purchase.

How it works
Through the Request tool, providers can request 340B rebates and respond to manufacturers’ questions on discount-eligible transactions.
Using proprietary datasets, machine learning and algorithms, Kalderos conducts several rounds of validation checks on submitted discount requests.
Manufacturers can then review, coordinate and pay eligible 340B rebates at the point of sale through the Verify tool.
For providers
Gain confidence 
in compliance
Secure discount program compliance through easy-to-use tools and clear reporting.
Simplify collaboration
Coordinate directly with multiple manufacturers at once to request discounts and obtain payment.
Ensure program integrity
Leverage data and financial infrastructure to empower you to prevent and correct noncompliance.
For manufacturers
Prevent revenue leakage
Protect against lost revenue from payment of noncompliant discounts.
Control your drug discount payments
Coordinate among multiple discount programs with confidence.
Ensure program integrity
Leverage data and financial infrastructure to prevent and correct noncompliance.
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The all-in-one Drug Discount Management solution
Ensure drug discount program integrity
Achieve compliance across all stakeholders
Holistic management through monitoring and preventative controls
Allow drug discount programs to work in support of patients
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