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Making health policy work for patients
How platform solutions enable more affordable drugs
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What’s next for the Kalderos platform, and the business of healthcare
We are redefining how the business of healthcare performs
The endemic issues in the U.S. healthcare system are challenging ones. They’re not going to be resolved overnight. But Kalderos is committed to building unifying technological solutions that bring transparency, trust and equity to the entire healthcare community. 

In 2021 and beyond, we’re bringing solutions and tools that will support other drug discount programs using the same data-driven, tech-enabled, transparency-minded approach that we brought to 340B.

Our company roadmap is built on a vision of replacing chaos and confusion with simplicity and efficiency, bringing healthcare’s stakeholders together, and empowering everyone to spend less time on paperwork and more time delivering value to patients. 

What that vision looks like in practice:

  • Connecting all stakeholders to reduce waste. When communication is simple, streamlined and efficient, and essential data and record keeping is transparent to all, everything works better, and patients win.
  • Simplifying the number of connections between stakeholders. Right now, the complicated chain of intermediaries hinders the flow of data and the flow of funds. But Kalderos’ technological solutions can enable seamless financial transactions surrounding both prescription drugs and other healthcare-related goods and services, removing friction for providers, payers and patients.
We are empowering healthcare to focus on patients
In 2020, Kalderos raised $28 million in Series B funding. A few months later, Aneesha Mehta, a healthcare expert at Bain Capital Ventures, wrote in support of our vision:

“Stakeholders have sought disruptive solutions to solve discount program challenges for years, yet nothing to date has solved the underlying transparency flaws. … They are services that support single parties, not platforms that improve the whole ecosystem, and often they add rather than subtract complexity as more players enter the space.

We’ve all seen the benefits of platforms in other industries, and it’s time healthcare innovators, and more importantly, patients, reaped these benefits as well. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Kalderos as they launch 340B Pay, bring transparency to drug discount programs, and work tirelessly to lower the cost of healthcare for patients.”1
Kalderos’ expanding coverage of prescription drugs reimbursed by Medicaid
With rapid growth over the past 4 years, Kalderos now provides Discount Monitoring solutions to some of the top drug manufacturers. Our manufacturer partners now account for around a quarter of all Medicaid drug spend. We anticipate this dynamic trajectory will continue.
Source: CMS, State Drug Utilization Data; Kalderos Internal Data
We are scaling rapidly to execute on our goals
With the confidence of our investors behind us, Kalderos is scaling rapidly. Since June 2020, we’ve welcomed more than 65 new employees to the team, growing the company from 43 to 110.  

Our growth isn’t just in numbers. We’re also focused on building a bold, inspired, collaborative team and a joyful, results-focused company culture so that we can thrive in the long term. 

Through every new day and every new hire, we get closer to executing on our big picture goal:  redefining how the business of healthcare performs, so the patient comes first.