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Illustrated image depicting the cost of drug discount dysfunction
Systemic challenges

The cost of drug discount dysfunction

Misapplied drug discounts cost billions of dollars annually. The cost is measured in countless human hours, too. Teams across the drug discount ecosystem dedicate their best efforts to detect and prevent noncompliant discounts. But a broken system works against them.

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Innovative solutions

The power of the platform

Kalderos created the first platform for Drug Discount Management, leveraging an unprecedented amount of drug discount data and providing unprecedented clarity to every stakeholder. With AI & machine learning, we put data to work. And it’s all available in the cloud. 

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Illustrative image depicting the power of the platform
Illustrative image depicting the promise of data
Expanded impacts

The promise of data

Shared data enables shared understanding, and shared solutions. Through more trust, better collaboration, and tech-enabled solutions that scale, Kalderos frees our healthcare system partners from drug discount dysfunction so we can all focus on the good of patients. 

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Data-driven results

The numbers show the impact

In only a few years, our Drug Discount Management platform has changed the industry. Through partnership and collaboration, we help drug discount programs work as intended. And we’re just getting started.

Covered entities on the Kalderos platform
Claims reviewed across Medicaid and commercial
in noncompliance identified
US states in which covered entities have responded to inquiries
An end-to-end approach

Creating balance across stakeholders

Illustration depicting a covered entity stakeholder
340B program coordinator
Community health center
Drug discounts through the 340B program help safety net healthcare providers keep the doors open so they can keep serving vulnerable communities, but 340B compliance takes time and effort that could be spent on patients.
The Kalderos platform supports covered entities by:
Enabling direct communication with manufacturers and states
Organizing 340B good faith inquiries into one easy interface
Strengthening compliance checks through machine learning
Ensuring the long-term sustainability of an essential program
Illustration depicting a manufacturer stakeholder
Senior government pricing analyst
Midsize biopharma company
Manufacturers participate in drug discount programs to ensure the medicines they make are accessible to patients. But a broken system, growing noncompliance and increasing revenue leakage have negative impacts on their business.
The Kalderos platform supports manufacturers by:
Putting high-tech Drug Discount Management tools in the cloud 
Using AI to find the noncompliance that other approaches miss
Surfacing high-risk claims directly to providers for verification
Supporting streamlined dispute resolution workflows with states
Illustration depicting a state payer stakeholder
Pharmacy Director
State Medicaid Office
State Medicaid professionals balance a complex set of obligations, while navigating vague and conflicting guidance. By bringing an unprecedented amount of drug discount data into one place, the Kalderos platform offers a path out of the ambiguity.
The Kalderos platform supports state payers by:
Lending clarity to previously unmanageable data
Identifying 340B/Medicaid duplicate discount requests
Helping states find & resolve problematic data integrity issues
Giving states more tools to ensure compliance with federal regulations
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