Commercial Discount Monitoring
Gain a clear view of your commercial drug discounts.

Increase transparency around commercial discount payments

Ensure you are capturing the full picture of your potential ineligible rebates and duplicate discounts to understand how they are impacting your bottom line.

Negotiate contract terms with gold-standard data

Reference comprehensive contract performance data for better upfront contract negotiation and renegotiation with private payers.

Enforce contract terms

Ensure you only pay what you should by better enforcing your contract terms across private payers.

Tailor-made solutions

Commercial Discount Monitoring in action

Kalderos ensures you can exclude noncompliant claims, renegotiate contracts with confidence and deliver measurable impact to your bottom line.
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Over 16 million claims processed
37 PBMs
Data processed for 37 PBMs
How it works
Simplify your workflow with one central solution
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Commercial Discount Monitoring benefits

Get clarity on commercial rebates

Technology-first approach
A cloud-based Drug Discount Management solution delivers a seamless, scalable experience with automatic upgrades.
Better 340B transparency and intelligence
Gain insights from an expert technology partner in the 340B space to make better business decisions related to the program. 
Operationalize exclusions and enforce contract terms
Avoid unnecessary revenue leakage by identifying ineligible rebates at the claims level to better enforce your contracts.
Understand your contract performance
Quickly determine the worst offending contracts for ineligible rebates and implement a strategy to fix them.
Systemic collaboration

Built on a claims data engine like no other

Kalderos’ solutions are built on a powerful platform that brings together more than 20 third-party data sources for an unprecedented view of drug discount claims at every point in the drug discount life cycle.
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