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Kalderos for Manufacturers

Gain clarity with a unified view.

Kalderos for Manufacturers is a purpose-built product suite that draws on the power of our tech-enabled, data-driven platform for Drug Discount Management. We partner with drug manufacturers to identify and resolve noncompliant drug discounts and rebates, improving gross-to-net forecasting and lifting net revenues.

Total manufacturer support

The scalable solution to stop noncompliance

Noncompliant claims cause revenue leakage that harms drug manufacturers’ business operations, and conventional methods for reducing noncompliance are costly, time-consuming and tough to scale.
Tailor-made solutions

Holistic awareness across your drug discount programs

Drug Discount Management brings transparency and efficiency to drug discount programs. For drug manufacturers, that means ensuring accurate payments through a streamlined process.
Kalderos’ MDRP Discount Monitoring solution offers a transparent view of your Medicaid claim data, the gold-standard data to dispute noncompliant claims with confidence and a collaborative platform that enables manufacturers to dispute directly with states.
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Stop wasting time on outdated, incomplete solutions
Eliminate the need to cross-check spreadsheets or internal systems for noncompliance
Secure improved engagement from states on disputes and dispute resolution
Reduce revenue leakage
Kalderos’ Commercial Discount Monitoring solution brings consistency and predictability to validating commercial claims. This gives you greater confidence about which claims to exclude and arms you with clear and accurate data to enforce contractual terms.
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Benefit from Kalderos’ knowledge of process improvement
Rely on accurate data reporting to support effective contract negotiations
Expand up-to-date expertise around the impacts of 340B
340B Pay is a solution for manufacturers and covered entities to gain instant visibility into 340B drug discounts, preventing duplicate discounts before they occur and simplifying the process for all stakeholders.
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Collaborate directly with covered entities
Pay rebates directly to covered entities, improving covered entity cash flow
Implement real-time disputing and reconciliation
Reduce revenue leakage
Kalderos for Manufacturers benefits

Enabling drug discount program integrity

Kalderos empowers drug manufacturers to reduce noncompliance, build discipline around their gross-to-net figures and focus on increasing patient access through their channels.
One modern, centralized platform
End fragmented drug discount data with a centralized data platform that serves as a single source of truth across programs and stakeholders.
Gold-standard data
Gain awareness across program silos with validated, verified data gained from 20+ third-party data sets to enable faster action on noncompliant claims.
Greater transparency
Build trust among stakeholders and engage more transparently with providers and payers through equitable access to shared data.
Better collaboration
Drive results through positive engagement with providers and payers and support drug discount program integrity.
Available in the cloud
Drug Discount Management’s most advanced tech stack enables a fully integrated approach with seamless, automatic upgrades for every user.
340B expertise
The Kalderos data platform powers the world’s largest data set of verified duplicate discounts, providing unique insights into how to resolve them.
Systemic collaboration

Built on a claims data engine like no other

Kalderos’ solutions are built on a powerful platform that brings together more than 20 third-party data sources for an unprecedented view of drug discount claims at every point in the drug discount life cycle.
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