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All your good faith inquiries, one convenient tool.
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Modernizing the good faith inquiry process

Kalderos Discount Hub is an easy-to-use solution that allows covered entities to work quickly and efficiently with multiple manufacturers to respond to potential duplicate discounts.

Respond to manufacturers quickly and efficiently

Kalderos collects data from manufacturers and Medicaid so you don’t have to, and houses everything you need to provide a simple yes or no response on suspected duplicate discounts from right within Discount Hub.

Ensure drug discount program compliance

Discount Hub serves as a single source of information to reduce the complexity and administrative burden of compliance, expediting the good faith inquiry process to support program integrity.

Supporting covered entities

Industry-wide impact

By working with Kalderos, covered entities across the country have managed claims with confidence, preserving integrity in the 340B program.
We work with more than 4,250 covered entities
We work with covered entities in all 50 states
Discount Hub features
The tools your team needs to complete good faith inquiries
Discount Hub benefits

An industry-leading solution to support your covered entity

Collaboration with all stakeholders
Collaboration is crucial to facilitating 340B compliance. Discount Hub allows teams to work together and with outside partners to provide responses to good faith inquiries.
Historical data sets at your fingertips
Support your compliance record-keeping with documentation and details of all prior responses, which are easily accessible within your Discount Hub account.
A single touch point for your good faith inquiries
We leverage our industry-leading algorithm to identify claims for review, placing them all in a single platform.
A source of comprehensive data
Kalderos continuously analyzes and brings together data from your state Medicaid agency and pharmaceutical manufacturers.
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What is a good faith inquiry?
Good faith inquiries are an important part of ensuring 340B program integrity. Are good faith inquiries the same as audits? No. Rather, they are "good faith" attempts to resolve concerns related to duplicate discounts. HRSA encourages this type of "good faith" collaboration. Here are some examples of HRSA guidance:
Per HRSA's proposed omnibus guidance: "A manufacturer should work in good faith with a covered entity to resolve any concerns related to duplicate discounts and diversion of 340B drugs before requesting HHS approval to audit the covered entity."

Per the 1996 audit guidelines: "The manufacturer and the covered entity must make a good faith effort to resolve the issue ..."
Systemic collaboration

Built on a claims data engine like no other

Kalderos’ solutions are built on a powerful platform that brings together more than 20 third-party data sources for an unprecedented view of drug discount claims at every point in the drug discount life cycle.
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