Who should I reach out to if I have questions about Kalderos tools and solutions?
Who is Kalderos?
What does Kalderos do?
Who does Kalderos work with?
What problems does Kalderos solve?
What is the Drug Discount Management platform?
What security protocols does Kalderos’ Drug Discount Management platform use?
How do I know if a manufacturer uses Kalderos’ Drug Discount Management platform?
What does Kalderos do to address privacy/HIPAA concerns?
What are the Kalderos tools available to manufacturers?
What are the benefits of a manufacturer choosing Kalderos?
Can Kalderos interface with contract pharmacies?
What is the justification for permissibility of 340B rebates?
How do you ensure the solution meets the needs of all stakeholders in the 340B ecosystem?
How do the Kalderos tools integrate with our current systems, either revenue management, managed services, or both?
What are the contracting implications of partnering with Kalderos?
Can Kalderos actively support 340B price restatements?
How can we ensure compliance with security and control protocols?
How can we learn more about Kalderos’ offerings?
How do we get in touch with a representative from Kalderos?
What are the Kalderos tools available to providers?
What benefits will covered entities realize by being able to decide between the upfront discount or the receipt of the rebate directly?
How will partnering with Kalderos impact the relationship I have with my contract pharmacies and 340B Administrators (TPAs)?
What is the justification for permissibility of rebates?
Will we need to change our 340B Administrator to provide Kalderos with the needed information?
What are the contracting requirements for covered entities to ensure receipt of the appropriate discount from the manufacturer?
If a mistake has been found in any of the rebate payments, how will adjustments be made?
Control & security environment
How will Kalderos protect the patient’s private information?
Does Kalderos require a business associates agreement?
How can we learn more about Kalderos’ offerings?
How do we get in touch with a representative from Kalderos to learn more?
What is the 340B Pay solution?
How does the Kalderos Discount Monitoring solution work?
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The all-in-one Drug Discount Management solution
Ensure drug discount program integrity
Allow drug discount programs to work in support of patients
Achieve compliance across all stakeholders
Find holistic management through monitoring and preventative controls

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