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Kalderos for States

Helping state Medicaid professionals stay compliant through collaboration.

We collaborate with state payers and their third-party vendors to ensure data transparency and identify and resolve issues of noncompliance in their drug discount programs.

Total state support

Engaging state payers to resolve noncompliance

Our solution provides states with data to research and respond to drug manufacturers about noncompliant drug discounts.
States Kalderos has interacted with for dispute resolution
Claims disputed
Tailor-made solutions

Data-driven tools to support drug discount compliance

We work with state payers to resolve disputes and ensure states have what they need to correct noncompliant rebate requests.
Dispute reports
Through our Medicaid Drug Rebate Program (MDRP) Discount Monitoring solution, we offer states easy-to-use dispute reports specific to each state’s requirements. We also have a dedicated team that works with our state partners to assist with the dispute process.
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User-friendly dispute reports identify high-potential duplicate discounts
Reduces time and resources states need to answer disputes
Creates transparency between manufacturers and state payers
Kalderos for States benefits

Tech-enabled clarity for states

Your team works hard to remain compliant and ensure drug discount programs work on behalf of patients. Kalderos can help.
Dedicated team for state payers
Rely on our expert team of state payer specialists, who will work directly with you to ensure you get the support you need.
Easy-to-use dispute reports
Streamline the dispute process with simplified reports that have all the necessary information in one place.
Uphold program guidelines
Collaborate with manufacturers and providers to ensure discount programs perform as intended.
Systemic collaboration

Built on a claims data engine like no other

Kalderos’ solutions are built on a powerful platform that brings together more than 20 third-party data sources for an unprecedented view of drug discount claims at every point in the drug discount life cycle.
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