Why Kalderos

The drug discount system isn’t working the way it should.

Data silos, broken infrastructure and dated technology have led to program dysfunction and fractured trust among stakeholders. Navigating the challenges drains time and financial resources that should instead be spent supporting patients.

Every stakeholder is trying to solve the problem using their own technology and tools.

Drug discount programs are expanding every year, and the amount of revenue lost to noncompliance is expanding too.

The drug discount ecosystem needs an equitable and transparent technology to effortlessly connect stakeholders to resolve noncompliance.

An inclusive solution

Kalderos is the drug discount platform designed for everyone.

Complex problems require thoughtful solutions at scale. The Kalderos platform brings together dozens of disparate data sources to power Drug Discount Management solutions for drug manufacturers, covered entities and payers.

Tech-enabled solutions in the cloud
An advanced tech stack powers a dynamic and constantly improving product suite, with solutions hosted in the cloud for seamless upgrades.
Transparency, trust and collaboration
The Kalderos platform is designed to bring all stakeholders to the table for more equitable relationships and collaborative problem-solving.
A single source of verified data
Instead of data that’s siloed by program — or by stakeholder — the platform provides a holistic, unified view across programs and stakeholders for clearer insights.
A team dedicated to your success
Our expert customer success teams are segmented by manufacturer, covered entity and payer to deliver specialized insights based on your use case.
Measurable impact
We are delivering
value at scale
More than $1 billion identified in noncompliance
Internal database of over 100 million claims
Validated with over 20 third-party data sources
Engaged with 4,250 340B covered entities
2023 Annual Report
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Our third annual report lays out a game plan to bring drug discount stakeholders together so patients win.
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