State Dispute Reports
Follow guidance and maintain MDRP compliance.
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Holistic solutions to prevent drug discount noncompliance

State Medicaid professionals balance conflicting priorities and a heavy workload. Kalderos offers drug discount data clarity to find a path forward. Through shared data, we can achieve shared understanding and shared solutions.

Coordinate with multiple manufacturers

Our Drug Discount Management platform brings transparency and trust to drug discount programs for all stakeholders. State payers can coordinate dispute requests from multiple manufacturers with Kalderos and ensure their discounts are compliant.

Work with a dedicated team of experts

Our customer success teams bring expert knowledge in the overlap of MDRP and 340B. They collaborate directly with covered entities, drug manufacturers and state payers and their vendors to gather data and resolve disputes in a way that is efficient and supports program compliance.

Supporting state payers

Our partnership with state payers

State payers are an integral part of the drug discount life cycle and are essential to ensuring patients can access the medications they need through the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program. That is why we work directly with states to resolve noncompliance.
We work directly with 46 states
We have worked with states on more than 70,000 disputes
We have processed more than 100 million claims
Dispute reports
Collaborating with state payers and their vendors
Through our MDRP Discount Monitoring solution, we offer states easy-to-use dispute reports tailored to individual state requirements. Our dedicated payer team works directly with our state partners to assist with the dispute process.
Simple, accessible dispute reports that identify high-risk claims
Reduced time and resources to compliantly respond to disputes
Better transparency between manufacturers and states
Dispute report benefits

Efficiently manage the dispute process from start to finish

Seamlessly manage disputes
Directly manage disputes with easy-to-use dispute reports customized for your state and your unique processes.
Dedicated team for state payers
Our team works directly with states to ensure they get the support they need when working with Kalderos.
One point of contact for multiple manufacturers
Coordinate among manufacturers and providers with ease on a platform that brings transparent data for all parties.
Gain visibility into the dispute process
Lost or unavailable data can make it challenging for states to respond to disputes. With Kalderos, we ensure states have the information they need to respond efficiently.
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