MDRP Discount Monitoring
Gain a clear view of your MDRP drug discounts.
Kalderos MDRP Discount Monitoring screen

Gain visibility into discount payments

Eliminate inaccurate data and break down data silos throughout the dispute process, all in one place.

Take direct action on noncompliance

Handle disputes directly with each state and manage responses easily in one dashboard.

Stop revenue leakage due to noncompliant claims

Recover previously paid noncompliant discounts and ensure you pay only what you owe.

Tailor-made solutions

MDRP Discount Monitoring in action

By collaborating with providers and payers, Kalderos ensures you can confidently dispute and deliver impact to your bottom line.
Over $675M saved
100+ million claims processed
Network of over 4,250 CEs in all 50 states
Noncompliant claims resolved with 46 states
How it works
Simplified workflows for success
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MDRP Discount Monitoring benefits

One solution to handle MDRP drug discounts

More accurate financial reporting
Give your accounting team the data-supported knowledge they need to make informed forecasts and optimize spending.
Gold-standard data
One central location for dispute information allows you to handle disputes quickly and easily.
Technology-first approach
A modern, cloud-based solution for Drug Discount Management delivers a seamless, scalable experience with automatic upgrades.
Work collaboratively with stakeholders
By using one central data source, we enable manufacturers, covered entities and payers to work together quickly and stay updated.
Systemic collaboration

Built on a claims data engine like no other

Kalderos’ solutions are built on a powerful platform that brings together more than 20 third-party data sources for an unprecedented view of drug discount claims at every point in the drug discount life cycle.
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