340B Pay
The industry's only rebate effectuation solution for 340B rebates.
Kalderos 340B Pay screen

Reliable prevention of noncompliant discounts

For each 340B contract pharmacy dispense, claims-level detail is exchanged and validated, providing a real-time audit to ensure accurate payments.

One technology-powered platform

End fragmented drug discount data with a centralized data platform that serves as a single source of truth across programs and stakeholders.

Transparency between manufacturers and covered entities

Manufacturers can work directly with the covered entity rather than working through the wholesaler on 340B discounts, so both stakeholders get full clarity.

How it works

340B Pay in action

340B Pay is a solution for manufacturers and covered entities to work in real time to gain visibility into 340B drug discounts, preventing duplicate discounts before they occur and simplifying the process for all stakeholders.
Contract pharmacy dispenses a drug to a patient from the contract pharmacy’s own inventory and collects both the patient’s copayment and the reimbursement from the payer.
The contract pharmacy may work with TPA and the covered entity to verify if the patient is eligible to receive a drug acquired under the 340B program.
If the dispense is determined to be 340B eligible, the covered entity submits a request for a 340B rebate for the units dispensed to the patient. This request is submitted to the manufacturer via the Kalderos platform.
The manufacturer pays the rebate to the covered entity through Kalderos’ payment facilitator on eligible claims within an average of 24 days after the claim is submitted.
The covered entity pays contractually agreed upon fees to their contract pharmacy and TPA.
If a state Medicaid agency mistakenly submits a request for a rebate on this same dispensation, the platform provides clear and transparent data that the covered entity already requested and received the 340B rebate. No duplicate discount occurs.
340B Pay benefits

The complete solution to handle 340B rebates

View contract pharmacy dispenses
Claims information is exchanged for every contract pharmacy dispense, strengthening data integrity for more transparent and effective recordkeeping.
Gain visibility across programs
Expanded access to claims-level data for 340B dispenses drives greater insights across Kalderos’ holistic platform for Drug Discount Management.
Make accurate payments
Knowing from the outset which claims are 340B ensures that the discount goes to the correct party, and that providers are paid promptly and fairly.
Respond with confidence
With a clear record that a 340B drug was dispensed, manufacturers can respond with confidence to duplicate MDRP or commercial rebate claims.
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Systemic collaboration

Built on a claims data engine like no other

Kalderos’ solutions are built on a powerful platform that brings together more than 20 third-party data sources for an unprecedented view of drug discount claims at every point in the drug discount life cycle.
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