Major milestone: Kalderos identifies $1 billion in inaccurate drug discounts

Major milestone: Kalderos identifies $1 billion in inaccurate drug discounts

In a moment that represents both an impressive benchmark of growth for Kalderos and a stunning wake-up call about the scale of misapplied drug discounts, Kalderos has identified $1 billion in inaccurate drug discount requests from 2017 to 2023 through our tech-enabled platform. 

The massive sum, which is itself part of a larger and incomplete picture of systemic issues, shows just how large the challenge of inaccurate discounts is — and how Kalderos is uniquely positioned to bring transparency to this burden that falls upon all stakeholders. 

Micah Litow, Kalderos president and COO, puts this achievement in the context of how far understanding on this issue has come:

Surpassing the $1 billion mark of noncompliance identified through the Kalderos platform for Drug Discount Management is a testament to the hard work and ingenuity of our incredible team. It also puts into perspective the scale of the systemic issues with accurately requesting and processing drug discounts. When Kalderos was founded in 2016, quantifying the scale of inaccurate payments was hard to come by. Now, Kalderos is able to provide all stakeholders with a view of the extent of this problem, along with the framework to overcome these challenges to better serve these programs and, ultimately, patients.”

At the core of this success is the Kalderos multi-sided platform. While the drug discount ecosystem status quo has been that each stakeholder has its own fragmented view of data, Kalderos’ platform brings together claims-level data to provide the industry with a new standard of data transparency. 

It is this new paradigm of data access and stakeholder collaboration that has allowed Kalderos to reach the momentous $1 billion in inaccurate drug discount requests identified by the platform. 

Jared Crapo, Kalderos head of product, engineering, design and data management, notes that the technology of the Kalderos platform shows just how much more can now be achieved:

While the drug discount system is burdened by inaccurate payments caused by information asymmetry, the Kalderos platform utilizes more than 20 third-party data sets to deliver the industry’s most complete picture of drug discount data. With the power and rapidly increasing reach of this platform, we turn our attention to identifying the next billion in duplicate discounts.”

With this milestone achieved, Kalderos is not slowing one bit in our pursuit of transforming how discount programs operate — using technology and stakeholder collaboration to allow these programs to operate as seamlessly as intended to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients. 

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Article published
June 29, 2023