New features for transparency & collaboration in Kalderos Review

New features for transparency & collaboration in Kalderos Review

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of two provider-friendly new features in Review.  

Since before Review was Review (some of you may remember a now-retired solution called Grappa), covered entities have been essential partners in Kalderos’ work to eliminate duplicate discounts and strengthen the sustainability of 340B.

Through covered entities’ insights into the 340B program, we’ve developed solutions to support compliance. More importantly, through their insights into provider needs and workflow, and their participation in pilot studies and early adopter programs, covered entities have helped us create solutions that make their own participation in 340B easier, too.

Now, based on covered entity feedback, we’re introducing two features that make Review more transparent and collaborative than ever.

The Impact Summary Dashboard

Covered entities use Review to respond to good faith inquiries and confirm whether a 340B drug was dispensed in a given claim. Their participation is essential, but they can’t always see the full impact of their collaboration. So we created the Impact Summary Dashboard to give covered entities more visibility into the results of their efforts.

“These new features are directly supporting our covered entity users,” says Jyoti Gill, PharmD, customer relationship manager at Kalderos.  “We've heard their feedback about having more insights in their data, and we're launching exactly that!”

This customized dashboard is unique to each organization and collects useful data points about the organization’s use of Review; the number, type and estimated value of duplicate discounts they’ve identified; and how their claims data changes over time.

Covered entities can also leverage this data to make process improvements within their own compliance programs, as well as report on their successes to their 340B oversight committees.

By making this data more accessible, Kalderos is building on our own commitment to transparency, too.

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The Product Feedback Forum

Review is designed to streamline the good faith inquiry process, enhance communication and support compliance recordkeeping. And while the product was developed with extensive provider feedback and testing, there’s always room to keep improving.

We want Review users to know that we’re prioritizing their experience and perspective, so we’re introducing the Product Feedback Forum to give covered entities a direct line of communication to the product development team.

Using the Product Feedback Forum, covered entity users can make suggestions for product improvements, request new tools and features, and even upvote ideas from peers.

By making our product development cycle more transparent, we’re hoping to enable even stronger collaboration between us and our covered entity partners.

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We’re excited to have a channel that clearly shows us what covered entities care about as we prioritize enhancements throughout the year. Our users are the experts, and their feedback ensures the product roadmap reflects their growing needs in the area of 340B compliance."

<span class="quote-author">Lauren Meyer</span>

<span class="quote-title">Product Manager, Kalderos</span>

Our commitment to transparency and collaboration

The Kalderos platform is built on the idea that transparency and collaboration can solve big challenges, and make drug discount programs – and all of healthcare – work better for patients.

And transparency and collaboration support better product development, too.  

If you’re one of our covered entity partners in Review, we hope you’ll reach out soon and let us know what you think about these additions to the tool.

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Article published
March 11, 2021