New Kalderos Verify tool offers clarity for Drug Discount Management

New Kalderos Verify tool offers clarity for Drug Discount Management

A new day has arrived for manufacturers who have faced challenges identifying noncompliance because of fragmented reporting systems. We are excited to introduce an expanded tool for Drug Discount Management: Kalderos Verify.

Redesigned with a clean and intuitive user interface, Verify offers an enhanced and uncluttered way for manufacturers to manage drug discounts and understand exactly what is owed to payers and wholesalers. Users will have an easier time utilizing information with Verify's options for viewing, filtering and applying data.

Users will appreciate the following expanded capabilities:

  • Integrated reporting at every level
  • Intuitive ways to sort data
  • Auto-generated dispute reports
  • Helpful dispute tracking

With Verify—part of Kalderos' Discount Monitoring solution—manufacturers can put an end to the revenue leakage caused by noncompliant discounts.

Verify: A closer look

The clean and intelligent design of Verify is apparent from the moment users access the Reports and Monitoring Dashboard, which provides a simple entry point to the robust search functions and data reports.


Historically, searching relevant data has been an arduous and cumbersome process for manufacturer analysts. With Kalderos providing integrated data at every level, the process is streamlined. Verify allows analysts to take in high-level summaries or individual transactions with granular detail by using easy-to-click displays.



Understanding of what is owed—and how much is owed—takes a giant leap forward with the end-to-end visibility of disputes. Manufacturers have the ability to easily manage disputes with robust data access, organized dispute reports and clear status indicators.



Manufacturers are empowered to prevent revenue leakage caused by noncompliant discounts while also giving their accounting teams the insights to make more accurate financial forecasts and optimize spend.

<span class="quote-author">William Born</span>
<span class="quote-title">WP of Strategy, Manufacturer Solutions</span>

Designed for sweeping efficiency and transparency

What makes Verify such a powerful tool for manufacturers of any size is the machine learning techniques that are applied to claims level data. This allows users of Kalderos' Discount Monitoring solution to take a holistic approach towards identifying noncompliance with unprecedented accuracy.

Previously, companies have relied on outdated services and disparate third party providers for their discount management and payment. Kalderos offers a singularly owned tech stack with a fully integrated solution for Drug Discount Management, providing a seamless, scalable tech-enabled experience.

Our Discount Monitoring solution connects stakeholders across the drug discount ecosystem. Kalderos maintains carefully curated relationships with safety net healthcare providers, state Medicaid offices and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) to ensure that no one party is managing their discounts on an island. When you're working better with all stakeholders you get a simplified workflow that saves money and resources.

Verify is an integral piece in this comprehensive approach to increasing transparency and redefining how the business of healthcare performs. All while providing a direct positive impact to manufacturers by giving users the data to manage drug discounts with confidence.

Succinctly put by Kalderos COO Micah Litow upon the launch of Verify—"Today marks another step forward in our journey to enable all stakeholders in the U.S. healthcare system to provide better therapies, increase access to care and improve affordability for patients.”

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Article published
June 17, 2021