Recently unveiled Kalderos Discount Hub provides convenience and support to covered entity users

Recently unveiled Kalderos Discount Hub provides convenience and support to covered entity users

Covered entities will benefit from a new level of service and an enhanced user experience with the introduction of the Kalderos for Covered Entities portal and Discount Hub solution. 

Kalderos for Covered Entities is a new product offering on the Kalderos platform designed exclusively for covered entity users that will provide easy access to the streamlined Discount Hub, which replaces the Kalderos covered entity-facing Review tool. 

These enhanced product offerings allow covered entities to spend less time responding to individual manufacturers’ inquiries and more time delivering quality care to patients. 


Inside Discount Hub

With Discount Hub, covered entity users get a simplified sign-on experience and easy access to good faith inquiry claims from multiple manufacturers. 

While users will recognize all the same functionality from the Review tool, Kalderos Discount Hub will allow covered entities to better leverage the Kalderos multi-sided platform, including having more direct communication with Kalderos’ support teams.

How Discount Hub will benefit covered entities:

  • One centralized communication platform to reduce administrative burden, including time-consuming phone calls and lengthy email discussions.
  • Simplified data management from our tech-enabled platform that makes it easier for covered entity users to view the claims most relevant to them.
  • The impact summary, where users can access reports that show how much systemic noncompliance has been identified by Kalderos covered entity users.
  • Quick support team access through our product feedback forum, which provides a simple way for users to share questions and comments that go straight to our support team and developers.

By focusing on clear communication and transparency around claims within Discount Hub, Kalderos can help covered entity users continue to play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the 340B program. Kalderos remains focused on creating confidence around claim compliance so that safety net healthcare providers can continue to realize the benefit of their participation in the 340B drug discount program.


How Kalderos is different

With a growing number of digital offerings that promise collaboration around drug discount programs, Kalderos sets itself apart as the platform that has stakeholder buy-in and dynamic technology to truly allow these programs to work better. 

Here are a few ways Kalderos for Covered Entities stands out: 

Kalderos doesn’t require intrusive data uploads. Kalderos works with state Medicaid agencies and manufacturers to identify transactions that have a high probability of being a duplicate discount, then asks for a simple response on claims from users. We do not require data uploads from you or your pharmacy. 

Kalderos has a responsive covered entity support team. Our team of CE-dedicated professionals has decades of pharmacy and drug discount program experience. They are available to walk through any processes and quickly respond to inquiries so users don’t have to jump through hoops to get their work done.      

Kalderos has a stakeholder community focused on 340B program integrity, with over 3,500 covered entity users coast to coast. The Kalderos mission is, and always has been, getting 340B and other drug discount programs to work as seamlessly as intended. Covered entities who use Kalderos can feel assured they are joining a community of their peers that is focused on improving faith in the 340B drug discount program. 


A continuing partnership with safety net providers

Kalderos is focused on building a successful partnership with covered entities to maintain compliance in vital drug discount programs, ensuring that these programs and the safety net providers who depend on them can thrive. 

That is why Discount Hub includes the product feedback forum to give users a direct pipeline to Kalderos support teams. This open communication channel allows for fast and responsive improvements to Kalderos’ platform for covered entities to ensure the best possible experience for users. 

Feedback from covered entity users is an important step in creating a long-term, successful partnership between Kalderos and covered entities. As Kalderos for Covered Entities evolves, we look forward to creating more ways to ease the administrative burden on safety net healthcare providers so that the needs of patients can truly come first.   

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Article published
August 31, 2022