Say hello to Review

Say hello to Review

At our core, we’re data analysts, technologists and subject matter experts passionately working to build a holistic drug discount management infrastructure that works seamlessly for all stakeholders.

And that’s why, today, we’re excited to launch the latest version of our covered entity-facing platform, which enables easier 340B claim verification.

Say hello to Review.

It’s more efficient.

It’s more accurate.

It’s more intuitive.

Through collaboration and beta testing with our covered entity partners, we worked to understand what additions would be most useful and beneficial for these teams. The result? We developed an enhanced platform that makes verifying claims easier, allowing covered entities to focus less time and resources on inquiries and more energy on patient care.

Retiring the previous brand name, Grappa, the latest upgrades to the covered entity-facing platform include:

  • Enhanced algorithm precision: Our industry-leading algorithm continues to improve. Kalderos has invested in its data science team to build the new and improved algorithm used in Review.
  • Simplified review process: In order to streamline the claims review process, Review includes a more comprehensive view of claims data, including Medicaid agency and plan type. Review also brings a wider range of response options to allow users to provide more feedback when a simple "yes" or "no" answer doesn't work.
  • Enable teamwork: Team collaboration — within a covered entity's team and out — is crucial to ensure 340B compliance. As a result, Review now allows multiple users per 340B ID so responses can be provided by more than just one authorized user.
  • Respond using the format you prefer: Beyond Review's updated and simplified user interface, Review now provides more options for users to respond using the format each covered entity prefers. Users can now upload Excel and CSV files.

We’re proud to continue to work collaboratively with 340B stakeholders — from drug manufacturers to covered entities to states — toward the shared goal of a 340B Program that supports patients.

To learn more about Review and its latest features, please contact our Industry Relations team at

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Article published
April 15, 2020