Supporting the safety net is more important than ever

Supporting the safety net is more important than ever

We can all agree that healthcare is complicated — and that technology, used in the right way, has the potential to lead to greater efficiencies and transparency for all stakeholders.

Kalderos was founded on this belief, especially when it comes to the 340B program, one of the most complex yet important programs in healthcare. We know how critical it is for safety net providers in the program to stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible so they can focus their energy and resources on the patients who need them, the underinsured and uninsured.  

As technology leaders in this field, we also know a sustainable 340B program should mean less administrative burden for providers — not more — which is why we strive to simplify the process for covered entities through smart technological solutions. The pandemic has made this even more urgent, as our nation’s hospital systems and clinics are overwhelmed and feel strains on their resources.

What does our commitment to covered entities look like?  

First, we continually make improvements based on input from our covered entity partners. Thanks to their honest and transparent feedback, we constantly learn more about the challenges in the system, and how to solve them — giving everyone the ability to focus less on administering a complex, fragmented system and more on the health of patients.

From a product perspective, we were recently excited to announce new changes to our Review tool, based on feedback from our covered entity partners. Review simplifies the good faith inquiry process by combining a covered entity’s good faith inquiries into a single, streamlined touchpoint, which reduces complexity, minimizes paperwork and provides more peace of mind for busy professionals. Our new features include an Impact Summary Dashboard to give covered entities more visibility into the results of their efforts, and a Product Feedback Forum to provide a direct line of communication to the product development team, where users can make suggestions for product improvements, request new tools and features, and even upvote ideas from peers.  We are proud that more than half of 340B covered entity hospitals are now Kalderos Review users, and as of 2020 we collaborate with more than 1 in 4 covered entity health centers.

A key component of our product strategy is ensuring our top-of-the-line customer success team is always on hand to help our partners navigate our technology solutions and answer any questions. In fact, a significant majority of providers in a recent survey agreed that “Kalderos has a helpful customer support team that understands my needs.”

From a policy perspective, it’s important that we ensure providers and patients in the 340B program are protected. In July, we called on Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra to temporarily waive 340B criteria and spare certain safety net hospitals from losing their eligibility amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also stood in support of HHS’s proposal to rescind a Trump administration-era rule that would have created additional barriers for certain Federally Qualified Health Centers to access insulin and injectable epinephrine at the discounted 340B price for their low-income patients. The rule would have placed a burden on health care centers and caused harm to patients by reducing access to critical services.

We will continue to work with our covered entity partners to ensure we are doing all we can to make the system simpler, less complicated and more transparent. We look forward to sharing more as we learn and continue to grow with these critical stakeholders.

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Article published
September 15, 2021