Introducing 340B Pay

Powered by a first-of-its-kind digital platform, Kalderos 340B Pay is the only modern, cloud-based solution that directly connects providers and manufacturers to effortlessly exchange 340B discounts, bringing unprecedented ease and efficiency to the process.

Payment accuracy

Reliable prevention of noncompliant discounts

With the Verify tool for manufacturers and the Request tool for providers, claims level detail is exchanged and validated for every transaction, minimizing the chance for mistakes. Discounts are paid fairly and accurately. And compliance audits are easy.

Program benefits

A 340B program that works for providers

With cash rebates on contract pharmacy dispenses, providers see improved annual cash flow, gain more control over their 340B program and experience greater benefits from their contract pharmacy partnerships -- helping them improve the health of patients.

340B Pay Benefits
For providers
Cash payments direct to providers
Instead of relying on credit for future purchases, Request allows covered entities to manage relationships and fees as they see fit.
Simplified inventory management
Request 340B rebates at the unit level instead of the package level, easing the challenge of managing 340B inventory.
Easy reversals and restatements
Manufacturers can correct prices in the platform and pay out the difference, ensuring  you receive the adjusted payment in a timely and transparent manner.
Confidence in compliance
With clear remittance advice reports identifying each drug unit receiving a 340B rebate, you don’t have to worry about being out of compliance.
For manufacturers
Ensure accurate payment
Kalderos’ 340B Pay solution prevents payment of duplicate discounts with a streamlined request and verification process for 340B rebates.
Prevent errors
From 340B to MDRP and beyond, pay the right discount in accordance with law and contract, including 340B rebates.
Gain insight into discount requests
Have clear visibility into discount requests from your provider partners through an easy-to-use interface.
Eliminate confusion
Understand all discount requests that exist for a claim so you can pay the right discount from the outset.
What are 340B rebates?

Given challenges with duplicate discounts in chargeback models, rebates allow manufacturers to pay discounts once a medication has been dispensed. In the rebate model, covered entities purchase drugs at wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) or group purchasing organization (GPO) price, allowing for covered entities to be reimbursed with the difference from the 340B price through a rebate, simplifying inventory management for providers while preventing noncompliance for all.

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The all-in-one Drug Discount Management platform
Ensure drug discount program integrity
Achieve compliance across all stakeholders
Holistic management through monitoring and preventative controls
Allow drug discount programs to work in support of patients
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