Identify historical noncompliance

Discount Monitoring is your solution for identifying and resolving historical instances of noncompliance. Discount Monitoring allows manufacturers, covered entities and payers to work together to ensure drug discount programs work as intended.

Discount monitoring tools
For providers, confirm past instances of noncompliance.
For manufacturers, assess, coordinate and approve drug discounts.
Discount Monitoring Tools
Confirm past instances of noncompliance.
For manufacturers, assess, coordinate and approve drug discounts.
Total stakeholder collaboration

A solution to support the ecosystem

Kalderos works with providers, drug manufacturers and payers, including Medicaid agencies, to identify issues of noncompliance in the past through our Discount Monitoring solution. That’s why we’ve designed our tools specifically for these stakeholders. 

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Discount Monitoring benefits
For manufacturers
Prevent revenue leakage
Recover previously paid noncompliant 340B, MDRP and commercial discounts.
Collaboration with all stakeholders
Collaborate seamlessly among manufacturers, providers and payers. Collaboration is critical to ensuring 340B compliance.
Gain insight into discount payments
Have clear visibility into your discounts, at the claim level, from your provider partners through an easy-to-use interface.
Coordinate among multiple programs with confidence
From 340B to commercial to MDRP and beyond, pay the right discount in accordance with law and contract.
For providers
Collaboration with all stakeholders
Kalderos’ Review tool allows teams to work together and with outside partners to provide responses to good faith inquiries.
A single touchpoint for good faith inquiries
Kalderos leverages our industry-leading algorithm to identify claims for review, placing them all in a single platform.
Historical datasets at your fingertips
Support compliance recordkeeping with documentation and details of all prior responses, which are easily accessible within your Review account.
Did we mention compliance?
Review serves as a single source of information to reduce the complexity and administrative burden of compliance, expediting the good faith inquiry process to support program integrity.
How it works

Monitoring discount programs compliantly for all

Kalderos uses a predictive model with dozens of validations to identify claims with a high likelihood of being noncompliant. 
For probable noncompliant discounts, Kalderos can conduct dispute resolution on behalf of the manufacturer, or provide them data to work directly with Medicaid agencies.
Kalderos ingests data from manufacturers and state portals.
We work with providers and states to identify issues of noncompliance in the past through our monitoring control.
For MDRP claims with high probability of noncompliance, Kalderos works with providers through the Review tool to conduct good faith inquiries.
Kalderos identifies and prevents revenue leakage, with an emphasis on managing discount stacking.
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The all-in-one Drug Discount Management platform
Ensure drug discount program integrity
Achieve compliance across all stakeholders
Holistic management through monitoring and preventative controls
Allow drug discount programs to work in support of patients
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