Discount Monitoring
Gain a clearer view of drug discount compliance.
Discount Monitoring in the cloud

Powered by a first-of-its-kind digital platform, Kalderos Discount Monitoring is the only modern, cloud-based solution that applies intelligent algorithms to claims level data, identifying the noncompliance that other approaches miss.

Systemic collaboration

Time-saving tools for all stakeholders

With the Verify tool for manufacturers and the Discount Hub for providers, Discount Monitoring enables communication, collaboration and clarity across drug discount programs.

Expansive visibility

Both historic and real-time insights

Using machine learning techniques that scale to the size of any organization, Discount Monitoring uncovers past noncompliance and also identifies new noncompliant claims.

Discount Monitoring benefits
Cloud-based technology advantages for all
Respond to good faith inquiries
The Review tool simplifies your workflow by combining all your good faith inquiries into a single, streamlined touchpoint with simple “yes or no” response options.
Refine your compliance program
Leverage the Kalderos platform’s advanced algorithms to view your high-risk claims, enabling identification of noncompliance that random sampling might miss.
Manage compliance recordkeeping
With your historical data set at your fingertips, you can easily document your prior responses and record of good faith.
Support the success of 340B
Your collaboration helps ensure the lasting integrity of the 340B program so it can continue to support safety net providers and the patients that need you.
Drive clarity through data
Gain complete insight into which claims you owe and which you don’t, so you can dispute noncompliance with confidence.
More accurate financial reporting
Give your accounting team the data-supported knowledge they need to make informed forecasts and optimize your spend.
Stop revenue leakage
Recover previously paid noncompliant discounts, and make more accurate payments going forward.
Collaborate with all stakeholders
Recover previously paid noncompliant discounts, and make more accurate payments going forward.
Discount Monitoring in practice

How Discount Monitoring leverages the Kalderos platform

Data ingestion

The Kalderos platform ingests a steady flow of data from both public and proprietary sources.

Pattern recognition

AI uses pattern recognition to identify an anomaly – indicating noncompliance – within the data.

Covered entity verification

The platform surfaces the noncompliant claim directly to the covered entity for verification in Kalderos Review. Covered entities want a compliant program, so it helps them to be able to identify and resolve issues.

Dispute report creation

The platform then routes the verified noncompliant claim to the manufacturer, which can build a dispute report using Kalderos Verify. They immediately have a clear picture of what to dispute with the state.

Dispute report submission

Using the platform, the manufacturer submits the dispute report directly to the state with high confidence. The state receives a verified noncompliant claim and has visibility into its history, easing the dispute resolution.

Discount Monitoring in practice

How Discount Monitoring leverages the Kalderos platform

The Kalderos platform ingests and analyzes claims level data from both public and proprietary sources.
We work with providers and states to identify issues of noncompliance in the past through our monitoring control.
For likely duplicate discounts between Medicaid and 340B, the Kalderos Review tool facilitates simple, streamlined good faith inquiries that make the provider workflow easy.
Kalderos identifies and prevents revenue leakage, with an emphasis on managing discount stacking.
Drawing on our relationships with safety net healthcare providers, state Medicaid offices and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), Kalderos can assist in resolving disputes.
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The all-in-one Drug Discount Management platform
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