Evolving how you get your drug discounts

Kalderos Request is a secure and intuitive tool that enables providers to request drug discounts at the point of sale.

Request payment from multiple manufacturers

Request, and its manufacturer companion tool, Verify, enables providers to work with many manufacturers and states on a single platform to prevent noncompliance.

Put discount requests on your terms

Get your 340B Program discount at the moment you dispense a drug and make packages and accumulation a thing of the past.

Request benefits
Manage discount requests with confidence
Cash payment for discounts
Get direct payments for 340B discounts from multiple manufacturers instead of credit toward future purchases.
Request discounts by units — not packages
Request your 340B Program discount when you actually dispense a drug, eliminating the need for accumulation of a whole package.
Transparency throughout the discount cycle
Gain a clear line of sight into your discount requests. And with up-to-date reporting, you’ll never doubt the status of your claims.
Preparation for audits
Support your compliance recordkeeping with a single source of truth for all your 340B dispenses, regardless of pharmacy or 340B administrator.
Request features

The tools your team needs to create and manage discount requests

What's next

Join us, and stop noncompliance before it starts.

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Eliminate discount request uncertainty.
Cash payment for discounts
Request discounts by units — not packages
Transparency throughout the discount cycle
Preparation for audits
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