Quickly & easily request 340B rebates

Request enables providers to request a rebate on each eligible contract pharmacy dispense in just a few clicks with minimal required data fields, paid in an average of 24 days. 

Simplified inventory management

No more purchasing drugs to ship to contract pharmacies. No more managing accumulations and monthly true-ups. Without ship-to bill-to, your program is easier for you and your contract pharmacy to manage. 

More program savings

An independent study found that providers who use the Kalderos rebate model will experience improved cash flow because they receive 340B savings on contract pharmacy dispenses more promptly, carry lower inventory costs and potentially receive a higher overall discount. 

Request benefits
Streamline your access to 340B savings
Remove inventory hassles
No more ship-to bill-to, worries about accumulation and monthly true-ups. Freedom from inventory makes managing your program easy.
Positive impact to your cash flow
According to an independent study by 3 Axis, the Kalderos rebate model has a positive impact on cash flow as compared to the current model. For providers that means more cash on hand.  
Automate compliance
Built-in compliance checks and a clear record guarantees compliance from all parties, so you get what you're owed and your audit paperwork is airtight. 
Build your pharmacy network
Make things easier on your contract pharmacies with Request: streamlined inventory, easier compliance, more volume-based discounts. 
Request features

Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows

What's next

Join us, and streamline your contract pharmacy partnerships for greater savings

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Eliminate discount request uncertainty.
Cash payment for discounts
Request discounts by units — not packages
Transparency throughout the discount cycle
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