Automate & scale your claims validation

By applying machine learning techniques to claims level data, the Kalderos platform takes a holistic view to identify noncompliance with unprecedented accuracy.

Insights to optimize your spend

With complete insight into which claims you owe and which you don’t, you can make more accurate financial forecasts and dispute noncompliance with confidence.

Don’t pay noncompliant claims

Automatically generate reports with robustly validated data to dispute or exclude noncompliant claims. Make more accurate payments. Stop revenue leakage. 

Resolve disputes with clarity and speed

Achieve a high level of visibility into the dispute resolution process and access detailed breakdowns of predispute claims and initiated disputes.  

What sets Verify apart?
Gain clarity with a unified view
Tech-first approach
Kalderos’ modern, cloud-based solutions for Drug Discount Management deliver a seamless, scalable experience with automatic upgrades.
Collaborative network
Verify is part of the Discount Monitoring solution, which enables manufacturers, providers and payers to communicate and collaborate for the good of patients.
Unique insights into 340B
With proprietary access to the world’s largest dataset of verified duplicate discounts and a built-in tool to easily manage good faith inquiries, Verify integrates with Review to deliver peerless Discount Monitoring for 340B.
Verify for 340B Pay
Expand your approach by integrating Verify with 340B Pay, Kalderos' rebate management solution for 340B. Claims level detail is exchanged for every 340B contract pharmacy dispense, for more robust data and enhanced accuracy across programs.
Verify features

Designed to simplify your workflow

What's next

Gain the clarity to manage your discount programs with confidence.

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Identify and resolve noncompliant discounts.
Gain transparency
Eliminate pay-and-chase
Bring program compliance
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