To Series B and beyond

To Series B and beyond

We’ve all experienced the benefits of healthcare — from lifesaving interventions for family, friends or even ourselves, to improved quality of life through innovative therapies; however, we’ve also experienced many of the inefficiencies that plague the system — difficult to understand billing statements, not knowing how much a visit will cost, navigating complex systems to receive the care we need.

When we started Kalderos four years ago, we knew we weren’t just about solving an isolated problem or creating a single product offering. Instead, we grounded our purpose in inspiring an aged industry to change how it performs. We were creating a category that would change the business of healthcare as we know it. We were injecting logic and compliance so healthcare could perform on behalf of patients.

Now, our purpose is receiving more and more support. Recently, we raised $28 million in our Series B round. We take this new round of fundraising with a heightened sense of responsibility, as now more than ever we need the healthcare system to work better.

In Case You Missed It: Series A

We’ve come so far in just one year since we wrapped our Series A funding round.

We’ve enhanced our Drug Discount Management solutions, expanding beyond the intersection of the 340B Program and the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program to include commercial managed care and Medicare Part D.

Series A also saw the initiation and continuation of beta testing, including for a point-of-sale discount platform, and we launched our enhanced provider-facing tool, Kalderos Review.

We’ve grown our team, adding new minds and cultivating additional skills. We went from a single-digit team to a group of more than 50 spread across multiple disciplines. In fact, we grew so fast we had to expand into a new office space — twice.

And with that growing team, we’ve managed to maintain the same collaborative and inspired culture with which we began, even being recognized for it around Chicago:

Oh, the Places We’ll Go with Series B

As exciting as the past year has been, we’re not content to rest on our laurels. And thus begins our next phase of the journey. Here’s where it will lead.

We’ve already grown to support compliance efforts across numerous drug discount programs. Now, we’re exercising our brains and stretching our minds to solidify our point-of-sale solution, which will bring integrity to the forefront of Drug Discount Management and provide the industry’s first comprehensive solution to ensure compliant drug discounts from the start.

It is our commitment to embed our Drug Discount Management solutions into every drug discount program and to future-proof the digital infrastructure to enable the simple integration of any additional programs created.

We’ve had the opportunity to interview every incoming candidate over the past three years, and one of the things we often hear applicants say is, “I’ve never heard of this problem before, but it sounds complicated.”

“Yes, it is,” we usually reply. That’s why we foster a culture where we aren’t afraid to tackle the thorniest of issues or expose ourselves to unfamiliar situations. Over the coming months, we’ll continue scaling our team with people who aren’t afraid of a challenge. View our current opportunities.

We’re tackling these problems because no one else has, and we believe that by solving them, we’ll fulfill our purpose of ensuring our healthcare system works for patients, returning us to the root of why it was built in the first place. We’re currently planning for the launch of our 501(c)(3) nonprofit which, once operational, aims to directly support patients who are seeking access to lifesaving medications.

New Beginnings

Our next chapter will not be free of challenges, but we’re up to them all. We feed off these challenges as we continue to play bigger to tackle issues most people never even knew were impeding the healthcare system.

Now let’s go redefine how the business of healthcare performs.


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Article published
June 15, 2020