With a new partner, more benefits for all stakeholders on Kalderos 340B Pay

With a new partner, more benefits for all stakeholders on Kalderos 340B Pay

This fall has been an exciting time for Kalderos, as we continue to provide trailblazing technology to solve healthcare’s stubborn challenges. We were thrilled to recently welcome a new drug manufacturer to our 340B Pay solution. Our newest partner is developing innovative therapies to treat cancer, and is dedicated to working with covered entities to better serve the vulnerable patients who depend on the 340B program. We look forward to this expanded collaboration to make participating in 340B more transparent, efficient and sustainable for all stakeholders.

Why 340B Pay?

Powered by a first-of-its-kind digital platform, Kalderos 340B Pay is the only modern, cloud-based solution that directly connects covered entities and manufacturers to request and pay 340B rebates, bringing unprecedented simplicity to this essential program. By leveraging our platform to administer 340B pricing in an efficient and transparent manner to the benefit of all stakeholders, we aim to ultimately improve the lives of patients while improving the performance of the healthcare system.

Both covered entities and manufacturers will experience several key benefits when using the 340B Pay solution. Benefits to covered entities include:

  • Positive cash flow - With prompt cash rebates on contract pharmacy dispenses, covered entities see a positive impact to their cash flow and experience greater benefits from their contract pharmacy partnerships.
  • Inventory made simple - No more ship-to bill-to accounts, worries about package size accumulations or periodic true-ups. Freedom from inventory management makes administering contract pharmacy relationships simple.
  • Easy reversals and restatements - Processing errors can be corrected easily and efficiently, with debits and credits exchanged instantly via the platform. Covered entities save time with a transparent view of their transactions.
  • Confidence in compliance - Built-in validation checks mean that compliance is automatic, with clear records shared equitably between all parties for mutual accountability.

Read more about these benefits in our blog post highlighting a new report by independent research company 3Axis Advisors and our recently published whitepaper on our 340B Pay solution.

Manufacturers receive many benefits as well:

  • Accurate payments - Claims level detail is exchanged and validated for every 340B contract pharmacy dispense, ensuring accurate payments to covered entities and an enhanced data set for holistic visibility across discount programs.
  • Visibility across programs - Expanded access to claims level data for 340B dispenses drives greater insights across Kalderos’ holistic platform for Drug Discount Management.
  • Confidence in response - With a clear record that a 340B drug was dispensed, manufacturers can respond with confidence to duplicate MDRP or commercial rebate claims.
Immediate Onboarding

When a drug manufacturer enrolls in 340B Pay, our comprehensive onboarding process begins with both the manufacturer and their covered entity partners to ensure a smooth process. Our dedicated customer success teams are always available to help our manufacturer and provider partners navigate the technology and smoothly integrate our solutions into their workflows.

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Article published
November 8, 2021