Kalderos for Manufacturers launches to prioritize security, simplicity and user experience

Kalderos for Manufacturers launches to prioritize security, simplicity  and user experience

As part of the continued growth and maturation of Kalderos as the preeminent solution for discount program integrity, today we are announcing Kalderos for Manufacturers — a new portal to the Kalderos platform designed exclusively for drug manufacturer users. 

Kalderos for Manufacturers is a product suite that brings together all the impactful Kalderos manufacturer solutions into one portal, streamlining the user experience without changing the underlying game-changing platform technology for Drug Discount Management. 

This new product offering comes on the heels of the 2022 launch of Kalderos for Covered Entities, which streamlined the good faith inquiry process for safety net healthcare providers. Trust and seamless communication among stakeholders is central to the Kalderos platform, which is why we continually roll out product enhancements for all stakeholder users. 

How Kalderos for Manufacturers delivers for users

Kalderos for Manufacturers provides users with easy access to MDRP Discount Monitoring, Commercial Discount Monitoring and 340B Pay solutions — giving users all the same functionality of Verify with more capabilities from a simplified single sign-on experience. 

By including all manufacturer solutions in one product suite, Kalderos empowers manufacturers to better leverage the Kalderos multi-sided platform to reduce revenue leakage and bolster 340B program integrity.

Kalderos for Manufacturers user benefits:

  • Simplified single sign-on provides an easy-to-use and streamlined way to access all Kalderos for Manufacturer solutions. 
  • One centralized platform allows users to holistically manage drug discounts across government and commercial programs. 
  • Data validity eliminates data silos by bringing together over 20 third-party data sets and internal claims data to give users confidence in their drug discount data. 
  • Inclusive stakeholder participation from the use of one central platform encourages covered entities and states to engage with Kalderos. 

As we launch a new and more streamlined single sign-on experience for manufacturer customers, we’re also strengthening platform security to ensure that your data is safer than ever. In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out multifactor authentication to bring added security and peace of mind. 

This change will be implemented to Kalderos for Manufacturers first and then launch widely as part of the upgraded Kalderos for Covered Entities. 

Why Kalderos stands out for Drug Discount Management

Kalderos has a tech-focused approach, which means we stand alone as the Drug Discount Management platform built from the ground up to verify duplicate discounts, mitigate revenue leakage and provide true data transparency. 

Many solutions rely on consultants or legacy tech systems dependent on third-party service providers. Kalderos owns our entire tech stack, which means users get a fully integrated, tech-first approach with the flexibility to deliver valuable insights as user needs and government regulations change. We also have the agility to partner with third-party data scrubbers to identify more noncompliance and uncover additional insights.

Kalderos is built on a collaborative network that enables manufacturers, providers and payers to remove obstacles to seamless communication for the good of patients. With a network of over 4,250 covered entity providers, Kalderos has the relationships to get the verification needed for drug discount transparency. 

Kalderos has unique insights into 340B thanks to our proprietary access to the world’s largest data set of verified duplicate discounts. With custom solutions to easily manage good faith inquiries, MDRP Discount Monitoring (part of Kalderos for Manufacturers) provides manufacturers with actionable 340B information they can’t get anywhere else.  

These Kalderos differentiators are all easier to leverage with the new Kalderos for Manufacturers portal. With benefits that can be realized at any scale, Kalderos for Manufacturers is a must for all manufacturers that are eager to manage their drug discount programs with confidence. 

The drug discount platform designed for everyone

The greatest strength of the Kalderos platform lies in our collaborative approach. Our data comes from different stakeholders and is validated by multiple parties to create a “gold standard” of information accuracy. 

Kalderos for Covered Entities represented a major leap forward in delivering value to providers, while this year’s launch of Kalderos for Manufacturers promises manufacturer users a unified approach to drug discounts. Improvements to one stakeholder portal invariably benefit the others, as our powerful data engine continues to provide insights on individual claims throughout their life cycles. 

As our successes and partnerships grow, Kalderos will continue to innovate for stakeholders while listening to their feedback to deliver the best possible experience. We’re excited to simplify workflows and streamline business operations so that each stakeholder is in the best position to deliver value to patients. 

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Article published
February 27, 2023