New product enhancements to Kalderos Verify for Discount Monitoring

New product enhancements to Kalderos Verify for Discount Monitoring

Today, Kalderos is proud to announce the latest round of enhancements to our Discount Monitoring solution. These upgraded features include:

  • The new Verify Dispute Center, which empowers stakeholders with unprecedented visibility into the claims resolution process—making it easier and more intuitive to prioritize the most impactful actions when managing drug discounts and disputes.
  • Faster, more dynamic data capabilities for the Verify Reporting Center, for enhanced precision, clarity and speed of access.
  • On the back end, a detailed ledger to track status changes to each claim, including reversals from states, for a more robust audit trail and greater visibility into dispute results.

Expanding an already powerful solution for Drug Discount Management

Manufacturers have historically faced challenges managing their discounts due to an opaque and inefficient system. Kalderos Discount Monitoring offers all stakeholders a first-of-its-kind, cloud-based solution that applies intelligent algorithms to claims level data. Bringing together the Verify tool for manufacturers and the Review tool for providers, Discount Monitoring enables communication, collaboration and clarity across drug discount programs.

With the Nov. 30 release, feature enhancements to the Verify tool give users a new level of visibility into the resolution process, faster data insights, and meticulous granularity.

Introducing the new Verify Dispute Center

The Nov. 30 release includes the new Verify Dispute Center, offering manufacturers unprecedented visibility into the claims resolution process. Now, it’s easier and more intuitive to prioritize the most impactful actions when managing drug discounts and disputes. Meanwhile, state payers benefit from a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

For manufacturers
  • The new Verify Dispute Center provides an all-in-one view into the dispute resolution workflow, with detailed breakdowns of pre-dispute claims and initiated disputes.
  • The Dispute Center separates claims by state, incorporates state responses to disputes, and equips users with clear next steps.
  • Descriptors like 'Ready for dispute,' 'Initiated,' or 'Challenged' make it easy to know what work needs to be done.
For states
  • For state payers, the new Dispute Report lets users view and respond to claims at the individual and summary level.
  • Analysts can quickly add sort/filter functionality, set up pivot tables, input formulas, or copy/paste data into other files.
  • Some states prefer to merge data from internal reports to determine their final decisions; Verify enhancements have made it much easier to augment files with new data while retaining key report fields.
  • It’s now easier to partially accept disputes, helping to facilitate resolution.

Kalderos Chief Revenue Officer Ashwin Mundra said, "The introduction of the Dispute Center gives our manufacturer users a level of visibility into the dispute resolution process that they have never known before. Today’s announcement illustrates what has brought all stakeholders to utilize Kalderos for Drug Discount Management—a dedication to innovative solutions that improve workflows and enable all users to spend more time focusing on the health of patients."

Expanding the capabilities of the Verify Reporting Center

With the Nov. 30 release, the Verify Reporting Center is enhanced with faster and more dynamic data capabilities, empowering teams with data-driven clarity for managing discounts. Offering an intuitive user experience, the Verify Reporting Center is a powerful instrument for spotting noncompliance and accessing the claims data behind disputes.

This iteration of Verify is a dramatic leap forward for supporting drug discount program compliance. By leveraging a multi-sided platform with a centralized data ledger, we’re able to deliver unprecedented transparency into the process for manufacturers, providers and payers alike.”

<span class="quote-author">Scott Johnsen</span>
<span class="quote-title">VP of Product, Kalderos</span>

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Article published
November 30, 2021