Say hello to Request

Say hello to Request

At Kalderos, we are passionate about solving complex problems. We don’t believe in just treating symptoms, and get an extra thrill from being able to find and fix the root cause of challenges facing the healthcare system.

That’s why, earlier this week, we were excited to announce the launch of our newest covered entity facing tool, Kalderos Request. Along with its sister tool, Kalderos Verify, Request is part of Kalderos’ 340B Pay solution which allows for the request and verification of 340B rebates.

Say hello to Request.

It’s more transparent.

It’s simpler.

It’s more compliant.

Request gives you back control of your 340B Program.

340B rebates are nothing new, but they are different from how most 340B discounts have been paid in the past. We’ve been working extensively with our covered entity partners throughout our beta to ensure that requesting 340B rebates is simple, easy and efficient for providers.

What that means is that we were able to build a tool that declutters the complex world of drug discounts, enabling the right discount to the right party on the right transaction.℠ Here are some of the benefits we’re most excited about:

  • Cash payments direct to covered entities: Kalderos Request delivers provider discounts straight to covered entities’ bank accounts. Instead of relying on credit for future purchases, covered entities are empowered to manage relationships and fees as they see fit.
  • Simplified inventory management: With Request, covered entities no longer need to analyze which accounts to order product on or maintain separate inventories, since they can request 340B rebates at the unit level instead of the package level.
  • Easy reversals and restatements: Manufacturers can correct prices in the platform and pay out the difference, ensuring covered entities receive the correctly adjusted payment in a timely manner with clear communication and reports.
  • Have confidence in compliance: With a full suite of reports identifying each drug unit receiving the 340B rebate, providers don’t have to worry about being out of compliance with these critical discount programs.

With the launch of Request and Verify, we’re thrilled to be able to continue to collaborate with covered entities and drug manufacturers, bringing transparency to the 340B Program. Ultimately, when we are able to work together, we can ensure that these critical programs work as they should to benefit patients.

To learn more about Request and its latest features, please contact our Industry Relations team at

<span class="blog-footer">With Kalderos’ 340B Pay solution, all manufacturer and covered entity funds flow directly through a third-party payment provider and its financial institution partner(s), and not Kalderos, to efficiently and quickly pay and receive 340B discounts.</span>

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Article published
August 26, 2020