Say hello to Verify

Say hello to Verify

When we think of what new tools to build at Kalderos, we get extra excited for those that eliminate inefficiencies and create benefits that benefit the whole ecosystem. We’re all about thinking of bigger things that can positively impact healthcare.

On that note, this week, we were excited to announce the launch of our manufacturer-facing tool, Kalderos Verify. Along with its sister tool, Kalderos Request, Verify is part of Kalderos’ 340B Pay solution which allows for the request and verification of 340B rebates.

Say hello to Verify.

It’s more transparent.

It’s more comprehensive.

It’s more proactive.

Verify gives you control over the 340B discounts you pay.

While 340B rebates are nothing new, they are different than the discounts most manufacturers have used in the past to support this critical discount program. That’s why we’ve worked with drug manufacturers through extensive beta testing to ensure that requesting and verifying 340B rebates is a simple and streamlined process for all.

As a result, we’ve had the chance to build a tool that declutters the complex world of drug discounts, enabling the right discount to the right party on the right transaction.℠ Here are some of the benefits we’re most excited about with the Verify tool:

  • Prevent revenue leakage: Kalderos’ 340B Pay solution prevents payment of duplicate discounts with a streamlined request and verification process for 340B rebates.
  • Bring program compliance: From 340B to MDRP and beyond, pay the right discount in accordance with law and contract, including 340B rebates.
  • Gain control over discount payments: Have clear visibility into discount requests from your provider partners through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Eliminate pay-and-chase: Understand all discount requests that exist for a claim so you can pay the right discount from the outset.

With the launch of the Request and Verify tools, we’re excited to continue to collaborate with covered entities and drug manufacturers, bringing transparency to the 340B Program and beyond. Ultimately, when we are able to work together, we can ensure that these critical programs work as they should to benefit patients.

To learn more about Verify and its latest features, please contact our sales team at

<span class="blog-footer">With Kalderos’ 340B Pay solution, all manufacturer and covered entity funds flow directly through a third-party payment provider and its financial institution partner(s), and not Kalderos, to efficiently and quickly pay and receive 340B discounts.</span>

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Article published
August 27, 2020